Bringing Enchantments To Your Everyday

Our Story

Enchanted Events began on social media, with the founder Kiera Gibson posting a video about how much she wanted to throw a ball for her friends and peers. From there, a group of like-minded young women came together to help this vision become a reality. They quickly grew an audience, with thousands of people inspired by and in love with the idea of attending a ball. Since then, Enchanted Events has only grown bigger, and hopes to create unique and unforgettable experiences for years to come.

Midnight Renaissance

Midnight Renaissance is our first-ever event and the project that has kick-started our business. It has been funded by our patrons, sponsors and ticket sales, and has been created on a solely voluntary basis. It is inspired by the aesthetics of classical literature, and the retelling of those stories in more modern media. 

Meet the team

Kiera Gibson



Kiera started Enchanted Events in early January 2021 after posting a TikTok video stating her desire to go to a ball. After seeing a niche in the market she decided to turn this into a business. Since then, she has taken on a full-time role as the owner of the business involved in all aspects. She oversees the project working in all areas, such as management, administration, and social media marketing.

Lucy Street

Events Manager & Head of Social Media


Lucy is a full-time veterinary nurse from Bournemouth, as well as a university student. After being a social media influencer for a few years, and being very familiar with the industry, she has managed to gain her title as ‘Head of Social Media’ for Enchanted Events. She manages our social media platforms and all of our brand deals, collaborations and partnerships as well as being an event manager and working behind the scenes in all the other departments.

Molly Eyers

Head of Finance


Molly is a university student studying in London. She takes a finance based role within the team, taking on tasks such as conducting forecasts and budgets for each event. She is also coordinating the merchandise given her affinity for design and fashion.

Phoebe Harding

Events Manager & Head of Content


Phoebe is a full-time dance and performing arts student from Hertfordshire. She is currently doing a musical theatre course in Cambridge where she studies dance, singing and acting. Phoebe has a great interest in this industry and uses her passion to aid the team in all departments for Enchanted Events such as: running accounts, contacting potential collaborators and pitching ideas.

Ciara Conway

Head of Entertainment


Ciara’s love for the performing arts industry led her to be our Head of Entertainment. She contacts musicians, singers and other talented people in the entertainment industry to perform at our events.